The Moon has judged you.

"Will you embrace the moon as your nightly protector, the one who illuminates your path in the dark of night?"
- Equinox fanfic

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( It’s all about perspective! Each champ = Different styles in going through the walls :D It had been a topic in a conversation with a friend so yeah xD

Sometimes the amount of the random urges I get in wanting to draw Leona makes me want to make an art blog of her haha but I think that will be too much for me… ; u ; Pity really lol )


(( Sooooo guys! I’ve reached 2000+! To celebrate, I’m going to do my second giveaway! 
This time there will only be one grand winner and they shall win a drawing from me and um a fistbump. 

The drawing will be a complete illustration and can have a maximum of two characters. Since this is a League blog, I will draw only league characters/OCs who are part of the league of legends world. 


1. Must be following me -I will check! (I swear..)
2. Reblog and like as much as you want but there’s no need to spam

The closing date will be 1/8/14 at 0:00am GMT.

And finally, I just want to say thank you for following this blog. All of your encouragement and comments have really cheered me up over the past year and I’m happy to do this for you always. Thank you guys!))

mental-instability inquired:
I just wanted for you to know that I really love seeing your work on my dash and your artstyle is one of my favorites! Please keep up the good work and have a good time

( Ehehe—you guys always make me smile like an idiot whenever you send me things like these nadjksas! You give my silly doodles too much credit guys haha BUT THANK YOU <333 )


Anonymous inquired:
おはようございました!久しぶりですね〜♡♡♡ hello miss, it's me again! Hope I don't bother u with my poor english (again) and all that wishes. I really love your gentle draws and how they touch my heart. Here in Japan the homosexual relationships are "bad" for the most of people, and I love to become here and feel free to enjoy this. Love Diana and Leona, and see them happy with each other simply made my day. Thank you, for everything! どうもありがとうございました、お嬢さま!またね。 P.S: Can I request a drawn? Only if u have time for it ♡

( I think most places view homosexual as bad (sad really) BUT thankfully the world has started to accept it slowly ; u ; b

I am very glad that you are enjoying my works by the way! <3 There’s that sense of achievement whenever my art can make people smile and grin or sometimes laugh haha! <3

Also, I don’t usually take on requests but if you can tell when what it is then I’ll see if I can get it done :D No promises though!

P.S Your English is fine :D )


League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn - Alternate Ending



Anonymous inquired:
How does it make you feel that people will draw more porn of Ahri x Leona than Diana x Leona? PFF BUHAHAHAHA LOL what I'm even saying? Diana + quality porn/nude art? Impossible! I must be high as fuck lmao

( Okay Anon… )

the-otaku-kingdom inquired:
How does it make you feel that people might start shipping Leona and Ahri because of the new cinematic trailer ?



Here, have a link at that:

Honestly guys… )

fizz-the-tidal-troll inquired:
if there is blood in the cinematic, es good enuff for moon-mun right? right? *whispers* pls be right i dont wanna die .-.

( It makes things realistic yes C: Besides, it looks far better with blood in comparison to the other Cinematic where you can’t even see any scratch on them! So definitely a plus and an improvement for Riot!

GG GJ! We love you guys xD )

ammi-ammi inquired:
u.u That hearbreaking moment when Diana wasn't in the new cinematic. My heart goes WAIIIIII

( It’s okay shhhh—her time will come… Maybe! Who knows! She might be on the next Cinematic~! Right Ironstylus? RIGHT IRONSTYLUSSSSSSS? //SUBTLYHINTINGATTHIS RIGHTT? MOON YESSSSS? SUN MOON IF YOU WANNAAAAA~~ )

secretagentpony007 inquired:
where and what are you wtach8ing can you link the video?

( Here you go :D Reblogged it a while ago already but okay lol xD )